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Zend Guard Loader on WIndows Hosting

I just converted my hosting service from Linux to Windows, and as I feared would happen one of my websites broke.


This particular site uses Zend Guard Loader, and I can not figure out how to install the Zend on the windows hosting service.


Can anyone provide detailed instructions on this, if it is even possible?

Community Manager

Hi @Confounded. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! 


Unfortunately, if you have one of our Windows plans, you wouldn't be able to use Zend Guard Loader. This is only available on Linux accounts. Sorry Man Sad If you need access to this as well as the Windows environment, you would either need to add a second hosting plan (one for each operating system) or consider leasing a VPS. The latter would give you the access needed to install Zend Guard Loader but would require that you administrate the server. Hope that helps. 


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