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admin-ajax.php getting blocked

Facing an issue in accessing admin-ajax.php in my WordPress site.

Screenshot link:

Site link:


Has anyone else faced this issue with Wordpress hosting? Any suggestions to resolve this?


Thank you!


Re: admin-ajax.php getting blocked

Hey @devuser1979,


Welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


AJAX calls should absolutely work, especially since it looks like your site is actually on a Plesk environment. I don't think it's a block on the file, but your screenshot indicates a 500 ISE error which can be very generic. Because of that we could assume almost anything; like It could be the call timing out, using too much memory, or etc.  


Try turning on wp-debug, and consider reviewing the php settings via a phpinfo.php file.  Even on a Plesk platform you should be able to modify the settings if needed via a .user.ini file.


A few other items to consider:

  • Are your perms correct?
  • What if you disable plugins?
  • Switch to the default theme?
  • Could be bad transient data?

Hopefully this helps out. Let us know if you manage to work it out on your end. 


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