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cant publish site

Get this error when I try to publish



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Hi @ewalsingham,

could you give me more details please? What kind of site, hosting etc. Also the procedures you are taking to publish. 

Also if you add tags (see the add tags button) then your post will be seen easier as relative to those key words. 

Please phone support if still having problems before you get a solution here. 

I am using the website builder.  I get that response whenever I hit the publish button

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Hi @ewalsingham,


There must be something in the steps you are taking that website builder is not liking, and although frustrating you will have to try and retrace your steps. 

Godaddy support are able to access your site directly and take a look to see what's going on there. I suggest you give them a call rather than struggle and perhaps get cross. It's probably something little but obscure. 


I am still having the same issue since yesterday ? Is this know issue ?

I am unable to publish 

using Quick Shopping Cart  I have had the same problem almost a week and been on phone they just say were working on it. It first started out where no-one could log in. It wouldn't accept your password. Now when publishing it gets to the images part it stops and says ERROR with no answer?  Haven't been able to publish or do anything. Getting angry here!!  Been on the phone twice and they say were working on it.  It's like they got hacked and not telling anyone.

did you fix this? I am having the same issue