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cron job not working

my cron job has been working until recently. it is a simple open up the http page (which to refresh rss feeds). If I open the page manually on browser, the page is working. But the cron job seems like not running at all.


I have tried calling the support, but the answer is not helping. It is like asking us to check with developer. As I mentioned above, the page is working if I open manually. It is not working when I put it in cron.


I try to find chat for support, but I can't find the icon/link for the chat with support. Is it only open to certain country?

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Hi @zamrie,


Firstly, chat support and phone support are both support! If the support on the phone tell you to check with your developer (the right answer because a cron job is something your developer / system admin would take care of), then online live chat with support will likely tell you the same thing.

Without reading all the code in your site (a time consuming process) regarding the cron job, it would be impossible to say exactly why it won't run.

You don't say what platform you are using and this would help with answering this problem. Also your domain name always helps. Thank you 


Chat can be reached in non supporting countries by using a proxy server based in USA or Europe. Go onto main page and wait until a pop up chat box appears. Bear in mind that you will be chatting in English so a translator such as google translate may come in handy.

Getting Started

My simple cron job is to run


Which previously working until recently.


When I try open the page directly , it could open without any issue. 


I don't see any error in the log.. And I have set it to be execute every minute.


I can use the cron job on another server in the similar format and it's working.


My suspect is cron daemon is not running. Or my credential has been limit to run cron (because last time I did execute copy files (which is huge). But I cannot get the answer because the support on phone, keep telling to check with developer (which I am the developer/system admin). Even a simple cp file is not working. 


Why is chat been limit to US and Europe? Is this discrimination toward Asian customers. Now felt regret using GoDaddy, and I need to move all my websites to other webhosting due to my bad experiences. (I did moved half of my webhosting last time, now to move the rest of them)

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Hi @zamrie,


No, the chat service is not discriminated against Asian customers. 

Please do not try and use the discrimination card here. We all here respect all races of people, though when people try and use the discriminatory / racism card, I very much doubt that they do as it shows disrespect! I fail to see the relevance of this accusation,  I don't work here so passive aggression is wasted on me! Or even threats to move to new hosting in order to coerce us / me to sort your code out!! Support don't react to 'fix it or else' threats positively either, not when it's something outside of their support definitions and qualifying terms. I think you may find that the code of your site falls outside of supported items, hence the call to contact your developer. Your best option therefore is to either learn how to implement cron:

or about your hosting and limitations.


 I have informed you how to access live chat in your Country. 


And you may find this link also useful as to what support do or don't support:

What godaddy support do and don't support


Bye 👲