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how difficult is it for godaddy to switch my shared hosting plan on to a new server with a new IP?!

We are on a shared hosting plan and email + server address must have finished up on a blacklist as one of our neighbours has got infected!


If I send an email which contains our website URL from the site (eg. recommend a product to a friend) it will not go through - no bounced msgs since it is generated using asp/javascript cdo.message.


The IP address is: and malicious redirect on the shared hosting plan which got us into trouble is "
I have been posting and trying to solve the problem but will little joy and wondering if moving to a different server to obtain a new IP is an option even if it means some downtime! Anyone know pls?
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Hi @maltawide,


Easy to do just by resetting your hosting through cPanel. BEWARE though, a reset means wiping clean and a NEW start, so backup everything safely.

A reset will give you new servers (not 100% guarantee though, but high possibility) and a new IP (almost 100% guarantee). 


Chat with support for any further instructions, tell them you wish to reset your hosting.........


But needless to say make sure that you are addressing the right problem before making work for yourself, I would first ask support to run a test email for you. Just to be certain it's not your mailer at fault.  aka @rammsteinium