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how to restore my old website

I was had my own web site and it canceled since four months.

I ask I can restore my web site with my old files and database? 

If yes, how can I do that?

thanks all.

Helper IV
Helper IV

Re: how to restore my old website

The files most likely do not exist on GoDaddy's servers any more. They do not keep them indefinitely. it is always advised to make your own backups. You can call and ask, but my recollection was that 30 days was the maximum time any files were kept. If you had the GoDaddy backup service it might be longer but you need to check with support directly.

Re: how to restore my old website

But they will ask ransom for restoring your own data. 

Helper IV
Helper IV

Re: how to restore my old website

How is that ransom? GoDaddy has professional web server admins that they have to pay to restore a website if the owner neglects it and lets it expire. Also, if a website is important and the owner is using best practices they will have kept a copy and be able to restore their site from the backup.


It is your data, but it's not your server and if you don't pay for the server the data goes away, so you have to pay someone to restore the data that they have kept for you.


Keep in mind with the number of customers they have they can't assume that everyone who lets their hosting account still wants their site. Many sites come and go, and many web projects come and go, and they have no way to store and manage everyone's data in the event that they decide they want it down the road.


It's more than fair in terms of price.


P.S. - I am not an employee of GoDaddy (although I used to be). I am however a long time happy customer, domainer, and reseller.