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how to upload website

Hello, I'm new to web hosting. I created a website in brackets and I would like to publish this website. How do I go about this? I already bought the web hosting Via Go Daddy. What Is the next step? 

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Pro Community Founder Artisan

Re: how to upload website

You can use a stand-alone FTP client or an FTP extension for Brackets.  Upload all the files (HTML, CSS, JS, images, etc) that make up your website following the same folder structure that works on your computer with your homepage (like index.html) starting in the root directory.  This article goes over the basics and shows you how to find the proper credentials for your account.

GoDaddy Pro Proficient
GoDaddy Pro Proficient

Re: how to upload website



   I wonder if you have the deluxe hosting plan or Cpanel?


     You can zip your files in one folder upload it in your FTP,

  then extract it, and point your domain to your file folder