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htaccess query

Hello GoDaddy community,


I come seeking help. I've been stuck on a htaccess problem for a disproportionate amount of time, compared to how simple I think it should be. I've read through online resources and I think it should work but there's too many unknowns in my knowledge to tell what is throwing it off. I also don't know what sort of timescale GoDaddy has for htaccess updates to fully propagate through the systems. Trying to bug fix on something that doesn't appear to be updating in 'real time' is tricky.


All I would like to do is rewrite the URL in the address bar to effectively tidy it up, replacing the host domain and folder. - That's the 'messy' address where the WordPress site is hosted.

...When users land on that, I want the address to just read Not redirected.


Current htaccess code (which is in the root):

Options -Multiviews
RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule    ^fav\.sitename\.com\/main\/?$    [NC,L]

I'm happy to make changes to align better with best practice. 


Slight curveball - Before I started dealing with the htaccess file, there was a GoDaddy cpanel 301 redirect from to which worked but didn't mask the URL. Having removed that via the GoDaddy web UI, It appears that redirect is still lingering around and disrupting the htaccess rewrites.


So basically - Am I doing everything wrong and I need to change it - OR - am I doing everything right and there's something else affecting it? 


Any help is much appreciated.

Kind Regards,


Former Employee

Hey Rhys,


I will do my best to help you out here. While there are some ways to mask urls similar to how you are intending, this is done on more advanced environments and it is not a good method to use as it can cause issues with SSL's displaying and search engine crawling. If the temp url was once for example, it may be best to reorganize the site and move those files from that sub domain to show up on the main domain now.


I would suggest reorganizing the site files if that is how you would like the site to display. This is going to make the site url appear less confusing to your visitors as well as help tidy up your setup. 


In regards to the cPanel redirect, in most cases those redirects are added to the top level htaccess found in the /home/user directory and not the /home/user/public_html. I would check there and if it is still causing problems, definitely reach out to support to check it over. 


Hope this helps!