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i can't open the manage hosting account and the website disappeared



my website is wordpress hosted in godaddy and now it disappeared all giving the page "File not found (404 error) If you think what you're looking for should be here, please contact the site owner."


and i can't open the manage hosting account it is giving error saying


" An error has occured, please try again. If the error continues, please contact support. "


and the cpanal giving "A warning occurred while processing this directive. [show]" ,, and all the files is gone !! what is happening please any help



not that anyone cares but just in case someone faced this problem , it is godaddy's fault they screwed up something badly , i can' open my website now but the posts of the past 5 days are gone along with the photos and comments and all data , so im guessed they tried to recover an old backup .


i still can't do anything ! there are no open access to the database as " The MySQL server is currently offline. " and above all that there is no online support as it is sunday and no one here can help , isn't godaddy the best and all award-winning -_-


Same spent money for 2 years and site closed with error in a month