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is godaddy the worst ?

recently i have created an account in . soon received and email that says you need to certificate your identity . unfortunately my account is locked and i cant even sign in in to my account .

they said you need to send us your master card . its funny to mention that i sent mine and half of my family`s master cards to certificate my identity and after all i cant even sign in to my account to refund my money Smiley Very Happy

then i realized that i cant even join to its community to ask question . and there is no support email in "contact us" page !!!

and also cant reset my password. because it says "We emailed your code to *******. Please enter the code in that email." and they didn't send any email (checked in inbox, spam box , ...).


any answer will be appreciated .thanks !

Former Employee

Greetings @newmoons ,


I won't have access to your details, but this may help. It's rare when it happens, but accounts aren't locked without there being a very good reason. In most cases, you should have gotten an email explaining why the action was absolutely necessary. If you can't find this email, 24/7 Support may be able to have it resent.


I hope that helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at