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my website and my domain is not working



my website is not working

my domain not working


please fix my  website

Helper VI

Hello @cinekolkata


This is a public forum and nobody here can directly go to fix your site.

If you want someone to fix your site you have 2 options:
- hire someone
- contact GoDaddy support team


Keep in mind that the support team is there to assist you with problems regarding your hosting server, domain and other related issue, but from what I see your domain and your hosting are functioning properly.


If my guess is correct you are experiencing a "white screen of death" and that makes me believe that you are using WordPress, so I suggest that you rename your plugins (from the plugin folder) one by one and verify which one is responsible for the error.


Good luck.


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please my website is not working the way it should. after i update my website it will not give the update why, please GODADDY fix it. is not working the way it should. please check it and fix it. my update is not working. thanks and God bliss Godaddy