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shared hosting number of mysql database limit

I just entered the answer, that I got from a Godaddy service rep. Still unsure about databases sharing a connection, though.


Godaddy does not provide information on the number of databases that your shared hosting plan

allows, until after you purchase an account, and view Cpanel, or Godaddy's proprietary equivalent dashboard.

Please let me know, what the limits are, on the 3 levels of accounts.

  • Economy: 10 databases
  • Deluxe: 25 databases
  • Ultimate: unlimited databases


I am trying to install Phabricator, which requires about 42 databases, mostly with empty tables.

I also hope that I can connect to all of these databases with the same connection.

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Hey @pilates


A lot of the GoDaddy plans are for light hosting and basic websites. GoDaddy does offer advanced hosting plans and it sounds like you need something more robust than a basic hosting offering? If you were a client of mine I might even look at putting you on your own server? Hope you find the hosting you are looking for.

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