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some pages not working

I get the below response when uploading images to my site. The guys who designed the site say

"this indicates either the folder is missing on the ftp or it exists but the site doesn't have permissions to write to it. GoDaddy would be the people to speak with regarding this."

Any thoughts?


Inline image




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Hi @fireandheat,

this can also come up when the file src path description doesn't match the actual file type or location. A jpg may be expected and the file is a png for example. 

file types are all fine - I suppose it could be the folder structure...

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Hi again @fireandheat,

i don't know which type of website you are using, or your folder structure, but yes, you could be right. The design of a site must follow the normal rules for the type of site. 

MAMP is one good way to test sites on your local machine before publishing them. Most good CMS's ( that prob excludes Wordpress then) will have the capability to preview your site on your local machine as you build it and before publishing it too. If I were using a CMS, I wouldn't use one without this capability. It's just so important to find any mistakes before the whole world 🌎 does!!

I can't agree more, nfortunately I think the site was rather unceremoniously dumped, warts and all, on GoDaddy after relations between my predecessor and the site designer broke down so I am left trying to find out how many warts there are!

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Hi @fireandheat,

iodene is excellent for warts but the sign of a good developer is the ability to sit down and tackle each problem, one step at a time, like you're doing. And folk think developers just press a few keystrokes and voila!!!! 


A clue may be though that some pages are not working. Look for differences. 

To be honest I have been at both ends of the situation you describe. I have been handed other developers code ( please, please comment code) and I have fallen out with clients. Usually because of scope creep. I always insist on terms being agreed and signed. 

If you are using a particular CMS or other website platform, adding relevant tags to your post will help find folk who know a bit about those platforms. 


Best of luck with the warts 😊