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subdomain links opening from root

So I have set up the subdomain to look at the directory /speedwaystats2 but all the links on are appending 'speedwaystats2' to the end of the domain before the page name. For example, I would expect the first link in my menu to point to but it doesn't, it points to


How does work? IS speedwaystats2. This is messing up my images and my links.


Hey @shawncbrown84



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First, let me just point out that I'm seeing and resolve just fine from this end when visited directly. I'm only seeing the additional reference to your specified root folder when clicking the navigation links in your site pages. That would indicate you have the full URL path specified in the configuration of your site pages. 


You'll need to review the URL links you have specified in your site builder or coding and remove references to "/speedwaystats2" if you want links to appear like instead of


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Im using MVC so not writing the link directly. They work on my local machine, they work on another hosting account hosted elsewhere. Yet on godaddy they're going to the root. Surely the whole point of setting up an application using IIS on the control panel is that you only go to the applications root?


I have even set up to look at the same directory and thats doing the same.