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subdomain on two hosting platforms

My photography site is currently hosted on Go Daddy Website Builder 


I am in the painful process of recreating my site manually on Managed Wordpress. In Website Builder, my photos are currently stored in a subdomain: that Go Daddy tells me I cannot transfer or convert.


As I build this out, it possible to have my main domain ( on Website Builder and a new subdomain on Managed Wordpress? For example could I have on my Managed Wordpress hosting? 


I don't know if I can have two different subdomains between two different hosting types as I build out my new site on Managed Wordpress.  Thanks in advance for your help and insight!


Susan @
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In my experience Managed WordPress is one of the easiest install experiences. I probably don't have to tell you but you can install WordPress in a subdirectory to start and move it to your main domain when you are ready. Perhaps the best way to accomplish what you need is to take advantage of the Managed WordPress staging environment. Check out Create your staging environment, that is probably the best way to get started as it will be easier to later push your website to production.


The standard WordPress file structure is within the WordPress directory (wp-content > uploads...) but you can change it if you would like. I would probably just take advantage of the WordPress file structure because of the size image benefit that WordPress provides. I hope that helps?

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Hi, thanks for the reply, but my question was really meant towards domains (vs hosting):



1.  the main domain be used on Website Builder

2.  and subdomains (of the parent) used for Managed Wordpress.


i.e. Two hosting platforms.   Is that possible?  Thanks again, Susan

Susan @

Yes, you can point a subdomain to Managed WordPress while your main domain is pointed to Website Builder @susanmarksphoto The hosting does matter though because depending on the type of hosting you have the subdomain setup process is very different. Both Managed WordPress and Website Builder are indeed hosting plans.


You will need to install your WordPress in a directory as well as setup your subdomain. Hope that helps? Come back and let us know how it all worked out for you.


...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head