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New access is denied godaddy


We are developing an iOS application, for the development process, we are developing under a beta domain with shared hosting on GoDaddy.

I am trying to send notifications to ios app using my web app. In order to do that, I need a certificate to be added to the certificate store. We have generated the certificate from the apple store.  Apparently, GODADDY is not giving access to do so as it generates following error " access is denied."

I believe it's due to security concern, it has been disabled by the Godaddy. 
is there any way around for this?


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Hi @foxoda,


yes, download apple server and host your own site. You can do what you want then providing you don't break the law in your country. But godaddy are unlikely to change their policy and a 'workaround' to get around a security issue i certainly wouldn't tell someone on a forum. 

Yes, I will switch to VPS now, to have a root access of the server.