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unable to manage my website

Hi all

My website went live yesterday and all looked good, however today I want to update some content so after logging in and selecting 'manage website'  I get this message 


There has been an unexpected error in the application. If you continue to experience this issue, please contact customer support.


This is repeatable and consistent across two browsers any ideas ?







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Without wanting to seem facetious, I would follow the instructions on the 'tin' and phone up support.

If you saw a sign saying 'danger thin ice'............


Support are great guys and have direct access to your files to jump in to. Us lot have to skate around the thick edges of that 'thin ice'.

Were you ever able to get this resolved? I'm experiencing the exact same issue.


UPDATE: I'm not sure what's causing the error, but I have found a work around. Instead of clicking on "Manage" Domains (which requests logging in again and then gives the error), I click on "GOCENTRAL/WEBSITE BUILDER/INSTAPAGES" link and it launches Website Builder just fine.