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Helper I

website unavailable internal error out-of-space

Our web site has reported Internal Server Error for periods of several hours in the since 11/25/16.
the error_log directory includes sever files like:26e06c18-error.log
they include messages like
AH00646 Error writing /var/log

Helper V

"AH00646 Error writing /var/log"


This indicates that the server is unable to write logs in the directory. If you don't have access to this file, contact Godaddy Support.

Please give it a +1 and also click "Mark As Accepted Solution" if you find it satisfactory. Thanking You With Regards | Harry Parmar

((Unfortunately, I was not able to post additional information due posting problems! ))


here's the restSmiley Happy)

This problem may be related to recent migration to another server.


The site works for hours.  Suddenly attempting to login (even using bogus username and password), starts reporting 500 errors with various complaints usually including specific "No space left on device" errors. Other errors can easily be explained by incomplete write from various scripts. This continues for hours (or minutes) then returns to normal.


I contacted support several times and was told that (although the site was working for months and unchanged) that the permissions were wrong and an admin did a  chmod -r  o+rw  * from the root of my html directory! That didn't help ( it did mess up permissions on files I didn't want [public)


I was told that there were cgi script errors and that admins and support do not debug customer scripts.


Some time later the site began working correctly, at least for several hours, then problem reoccurs.


I ended up migrating the site to another provider (temporarily ?)

I have assigned the CCCU.US domain name to the website in trouble,


I created a page to display the error_log

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

You are welcome to attempt to login with any username  / password at