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    Add Google Adsense using GoDaddy Website Builder

    How can I ad Google Adsense to my website using GoDaddy Website Builder?


    For all of those getting frustrated with this thread and are using GoCentral. I just found this:


    Key comment: Your changes are saved automatically. It may take up to 48 hours for ads to appear after Google approves your website.


    Good luck. I just did this and will patiently wait for 48 hours

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    Helper III

    Hello @Kiberd,


    Hopefully the steps below should help, they sound like exactly what you need:

    1. Log in to your GoDaddy account.
    2. In your Products list click Website Builder, and then click Manage next to the account you want to use.
    3. Click Design Your Pages.
    4. If necessary, from the Current Page menu, select the page you want to modify.
    5. Click Apps, and then drag and drop the Google Adsense icon over a Drop Zone. Drop Zones display on your Web pages when you hover over them.
    6. In the Publisher ID field, enter the publisher ID you received when you set up an account with Google AdSense.
    7. Select the ad orientation you want to use.


    These steps come from this site below:


    I hope this helps,

    Please feel free to ask any other questions!

    Harry Brand - Here to help out the community

    I don't see AdSense in the apps menu...

    I don't have an "adsense app", I'm I doing something wrong

    There is no option to add Google AdSense to the website I'm designing using Website Builder.  I believe you forgot to mention in this post that the steps you are indicating are for Website Builder, Version 6.  These steps don't apply if your Website Builder version is just Current Version.

    Is there a work around for the current version of Web Builder Kansek?

    There is no adsense in applications.

    Can you elobrate more about your reply please?Thanks .

    Godaddy website builder 7 does not have what you mention.

    Google Adsense is not available in my apps. Please suggest what to do!!

    I have a paid business account and I cannot seem to find the Apps button to install Google Adsense on my website. The instructions Go Daddy said are incorrect because there is no Apps button on the left side of my website builder. This is getting very frustrating. I have 8 weebly websites I have been working on for ten years and I need to move to my Go Daddy domain and all of them are packing Google Adsense Ads, Amazon Ads and Cafepress Ads but I refuse to move them to Go Daddy if I cannot get Google Adsense on my website. Most website builders have an area in the SEO where you can install the Google Adsense and Google Analytics codes needed to do this. I also do not like the fact that there is no way to direct call or contact Go Daddy without calling overseas. PLEASE HELP or I am going to cancel my account.

    Not a way to contact GD?? They are literally open 24/7 and located in the Tempe Arizona or Hiawatha Iowa region when you call. like any place there will always be poor service now and then, but the consultants there are very well versed in their products/tech, and speak English…despite the sales approach, which most times is products pushed that are actually needed since most ppl haven't a clue how to run or start a biz or have online presence 

    This is time I'll never get back.  What planet are you people living on?  This is so far off the mark that it isn't even worth reading!!!


    So here is what i think is a problem.  Adsense only allows a couple placements per page.. and I have a ton of content.  I dont see how godaddy offers a "Next page" to see more products.. where ultimately i can place more adsense ads that are relavant.  please tell me if im wrong.

    gow can i ad adsense to my site using GoDaddy Website Builder,please help.i have been refused 3 times always say that they are onley pica and videos ,no articles i have put many articles with videos and bannersas an affiliate i have to put videos and banners what is wrong with that ,i see other websites the same no articles with videos and banners and they have adsense ,i thinkthis comes to israel where they refuse it because they send me heberew letters ?please help through godaddy.thanks.



    so please to which version can it be applied please?




    Similar to others, I am having the exact same problem adding Google AdSense to my website after following the directions given.  I suppose when told in the instructions to click onto "Design Your Pages" after clicking "Website builder" and also "Manage," I should instead be clicking  "Edit Site. Obviously the only option available!  Furthermore, once at the website and in the website toolbar "Apps" option there is no Google AdSense icon to drag and drop to the drop zone as told, much more a "Publisher ID field" to enter my Publisher ID that was received when I set up an account with Google AdSense.


    So, Godaddy Representatives., please provide me with instructions in the self-help section that truly work, that allow me to successfully and finally add Google AdSense to my website.  Thank you.

    Hi @bobert@suniltams1@niceteeth

    Just to clarify, adding apps from Google to your Website Builder is only available for version 6, which is our oldest version. If you don't see the option it is because you have either version 7 or vNext which does not have that feature.  

    KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 support available at

    We need this feature, or a work around for this to monetize our sites.


    We make money, GoDaddy makes money.

    Yes! Figured it out!

    In version 7, you will need to have the actual html from Google of the banner ads you want to have on your site first. You should be able to get this if you don't have it by logging into your account in Google's ad program. Please make sure to ID the ad sizes so you know which is which to make it easier on yourself when adding them to your website. (I did all the square size, 200p size to test.)

    Go back into website builder and at the bottom of the tool bar is the HTML code button. Select it. It will drop an editable shape onto your site and should pop up one of those scary looking old time black programming windows. Copy and paste the Google html code into the window. DELETE the generic copy at the top of the window stating "Here's where you can paste.." Preview to see how the code is showing up (be patient, it will fill in with ads if you grabbed the correct code. If you like what you've got, copy and paste ads appropriately to your other pages. 

    I don't see a way to do this

    i want to add my google adsense and

    there is not html code button