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    Add Privacy Policy to website

    I’ve just launched my website and can see that it says Privacy policy coming soon. I tried every which way to add it at the build stage and when I called godaddy for further support they indicated it would be visible on publishing and it would be fine! I know I should have one, so now I think I need to write one. However, I’m not sure what analytics are tracked bu go daddy and do I need to put something in my privacy policy to cover this. I feel a bit out of my depth so some good advice from someone who really understands this would be fantastic!


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    My test store shows the same thing....  You aren't out of your depth -- your questions and concerns are logical!  And now I have a few as well! 😉 


    First let me state that Privacy Statements are a good thing and I recommend to my clients that they have one and include that in all my packages. 


    For this GoDaddy issue, I'm not sure why in one sentence the message states "aims to make your internet business compliant with UK and EU GDPR data privacy laws."


    The EU GDPR mentioned applies to the EU and those doing business in the EU.  I do not do business with the EU so I (nor you -- if you do not do business with the EU) should be bound to use a Privacy Statement that caters to that.


    Then in the next statement "You are responsible for the legality of this document."


    If GoDaddy is providing the verbiage and you have no choice about what is posted -- then *they* are responsible for the legality of the document.  If you provide the verbiage -- then you are.  As it should be.


    So what Support advised is conflicting.  The fact you can't know what the statement says until you go live is darn right silly.


    I added my own Privacy Policy and was able to save it.  However, since my test site is not published I can't see what happens to my text if I were to publish. 


    Does it get replaced?  Does GoDaddy's legalese get appended?  


    I know this is probably not the answer you were looking for but if you asked I bet others want to know as well.  As do I.


    Maybe someone who knows for sure can pipe in and clear this up?  😉

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