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    Add-on services - Still No Solution

    Ok   this has been a topic since atleast 2018 and we have been promised a solution.  When are you going to add add-on services.  It shouldn't be that difficult. 

    -Add a section to add the add-on services.

    - Enable the builder to add

     ----additional time

     ----additional cost

     ----make it to where the staff member chosen has to be able to perform the services and add-ons or else choose another staff member.  Or allow the website builder the option to add multiple staff members for a job.



    Real estate photography

    Say I offer a Standard Photos package (with regular pictures of the interior and exterior from the ground)

    I want customers to be able to add on a listing video, aerial work, 360 tours.   etc.

    Scenario: Staff Member A does not own a drone but Staff Member B does and can take Standard pictures and the customer requests Standard pictures and aerial photos.  Staff Member B's availability shows up on the calendar, and any other staff member who can do it)  


    So you can add all staff members names to the add-ons that they can perform, just like you can now in Services.  Can you please provide a more detailed response about whether you are going to work on it or now.  It's been atleast 3 year.  The "working on it" answers are starting to make be believe that you are not willing or not able to perform some of the requests that people have and simple state your platform does not support it.  GoDadddy is supposed to be a big name in website design.  Prove it and start making the changes that are needed for simple websites.



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