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    Adding a group session to your appointment calendar.

    Hello.  I am trying to set up my website for escape rooms.  The rooms will allow you to book between 1-6 people per room.  I have added the appointment calendar and selected group sessions, but it will only allow me to create group times for only 5 times a day and I need all of the times to be available to schedule a group.  Am I doing something wrong or am I limited to how many group appointments I allowed to add?  Thank you.

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    Former Employee

    @Taunie803 What's the business hours that you set and how long is each of your group session? It could be because of the settings of these that limits it to 5 of them per day. What's the link to your website please? 


    Thank you.


    GoDaddy product manager

    Pianpian, GoDaddy product manager