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    Adding subscriber sign up form

    Hello All,


    I use Mail Chimp for my email campaigns.  I tried to add an HTML sign up form to my godaddy site.

    It show up in the preview, but not on the live site (


    Am I missing something?

    Can somebody please help me.  This is a matter of some urgency, as I had event on Wednesday and want to direct participant to my site to sign up on my list in a timely follow up email.

    Thank you


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    Former Employee

    Hi @PerryL , If it's urgent, you may want to have support look specifically at your implementation (I'm assuming you're using our Website Builder). It may just be a label or link edit that would take a minute or two to fix.


    In general, and for the community, here is how you can link forms:


    Good luck on fostering that participant activity.


    Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 support available at

    Hey @T-3D

    Thanks for your reply.  I am using Website Builder.

    I can add a form alright.  I am having trouble linking the form to my Mail Chimp account so that collected emails get added to a list at Mail Chimp.

    Is Mail Chimp compatible with my GoDaddy site?

    Thanks Again,



    Perry I am struggling with something similar - added a MailChimp subscriber form to my website and now the website does not load correctly, although the preview looks fine.

    Tech Services was unable to help me - told me I had to remove the MailChimp form. I am still looking for a workaround, now talking with Zapier about their 'bridging' apps -but it's not clear to me whether GoDaddy is compatible with those either


    GoDaddy, please answer: are your services compatible with MailChimp forms, and is there a workaround? 

    best regards



    How can I find the emails that have signed up through my store front?

    I have the same issue. Did you manage to solve it? If yes can you share?

    I have exactly the same problem, Wasapii, have you or has anyone found the solution please?

    Yes, I have this problem too. The sign-up form seems to work - you get a confirmation email when you enter your email address in the subscribe box but I get no notification when someone does it and there doesn't seem to be anywhere here that gives me a list of subscribers. Can anyone help with this?

    I have the exact same problem! Where do I go to see all of the information someone puts in their sign-up form? Please help