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    After optimizing a page, told, "No content found"

    I have "optimized" other pages w/o a problem.  I went through all of the optimization steps on my products page and at the end I get a prompt that says,

    "No Content found

    We're unable to optimize your site because there is no content. Please add content to start the flow over.


    What did I do wrong, or not do?  Any assistance is most appreciated!



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    Yes, I just had this issue. Could it be because the only content is the book button and image.



    I am having this problem too. What is 'content' then? I have tonnes of text on all of my pages. Does it need to be labelled somehow? Excuse the noob question but does anyone monitor these pages or is this just user discussion?

    I had a couple responses from "the community" regarding my question ("No content found" after doing all kinds of entries) so it's not dead by any means.  
    Problem is that the responses were, "over my pay scale", technical-wise".  When one is in charge of procurement, IT, sales, book-keeping, manufacturing, answering the phone, etc. etc. not a whole lotta time to delegate to trying to any one business aspect that does not directly affect the bottom line.

    LAKESHORE.SOLUTIONS7550 Dogwood Rd..Excelsior, MN  55331Office: (952) 401-3792FAX:    (952) 401-3795 

    Thanks for the reply, Hal. I don't have a lot of time or expertise for web-building either. If I can't resolve this issue I'll guess I'll just have to ring the help line. I'm not really even sure what practical difference web optimization will make for me anyway.