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    Block out days on Calendar

    I'm currently wanting to block out days on the calendar as I will be away for three days next week. On days where I have no availability this is a breeze, although, days where I would normally accept appointments only allows for the times outside of those appointment times to be blocked off. 

    So, essentially, I have to go and disconnect my appointments or update my availability days to not include to the days I am away.


    Thus, the "block out time" function is void. What is the point in it being there? 


    I remember this being the reason I switched my scheduler over to aquity [having come back because having everything in the one location is ideal!].

    This system truly doesn't make sense at all?


    I am hoping that I've just made an oversight and am hoping to eat my words, if anyone knows something I don't on how to block out a full day, on a day you would normally accept appointments, but have none scheduled. 

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