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    Blog not mobile friendly

    First time here, thanks for your assistance!
    Yes, this is long, but it's all on the same topic.
    I have gotten complaints that our blog is not mobile friendly. I am putting this out there as GoDaddy claims that Website Builder is mobile friendly. GoDaddy please consider the following updates:

    1. Category Names show up as a very long list before you even get to the first blog post. Can these Category names be a separate drop down menu at the top, or only at the bottom, or can you give us the option to add a link at the top to take the person to the bottom to select the categories they are interested in. (My work around is to remove all categories at this time)

    2. The Blog sign up should be on the first page. You should not have to click on a blog entry to be able to sign up. The sign up should be at the bottom of the blog, with the ability to have a link at the top of the page to take you to the bottom to sign up. (The following text is my horrible work around: "Would you like to be notified when our blog is updated?  Please click one of the  articles below for the "SIGN UP FOR BLOG UPDATES!" section on the right of the page, (at the bottom for mobile users).")

    3. That's the other thing: On a PC the sign up is to the right, and on Mobile, people have to scroll to the bottom. Again, it would be nice to have a link at the top of the main blog page.

    4. The wording: "Join my email list to receive updates and information." It would be nice to have the option to change this wording if at all possible. As we are a group, and not a person, it would be great to say "Join our..." or just "Click here to receive..."

    5. On the blog edit page, the Preview function does not take you to a mobile preview, it takes you to a new web page of the blog to preview it and not a preview of what it actually looks like on mobile. Otherwise I could have seen right away that the Categories were a long, long list.

    6. Lastly, (whew!), it would be nice to be able to put place holders within a blog post for links within that blog post: i.e. If someone wanted to skip quickly past the English portion to the translation into a different language further down the blog post.
    Much appreciated!

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    Product Team

    Hi @Lynette 

    I cannot appreciate your feedback more. Thank you so much for taking the time and sharing your feedback with us! We will look into this and put them into our roadmap considerations. Thank you!