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    Blog subscription - List versus Blog?!

    I setup a Blog page on my site.  On the page, I have a section at the top added for subscribing with the text box for their email and the subscribe button.  I edited all the options for the subscribe button to send blog updates to subscribers, etc. This only ends up subscribing them to a list, and not to the blog - and also doesn't send a verification email?!


    I noticed on the actual Blog entry, there is a separate signup button & text which you cannot edit through the Website editor. This subscription section DOES work as expected.


    What gives? What am I doing wrong?


    EDIT: I may have figured it out.  I added the "Subscribe" section before actually adding my blog and creating an entry.  Despite it having all the options for subscribing to the blog, I believe it wasn't connected due to the Blog not existing yet.  I've since removed the section and re-added it.  Now when I subscribe there, it works as expected.




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