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    Bookmark This: Resources for Managing Websites

    Bookmark This is a collection of useful links curated by GoDaddy Community members. In this thread we're collecting resources for managing websites. Resources that help with website planning, layout & design, writing compelling content, etc. are all great topics to start from.


    What's this all about?

    You've likely come across many useful (or at least interesting) resources over the years. Maybe you've saved these to an ever-growing library of browser bookmarks. Or maybe you clipped the links to your favourite note-taking app, like OneNote or Evernote.


    While these links may not be super-useful to you right now, they may be exactly what other members are looking for. So why not share them, and get some Kudos in return? 😉


    How do you contribute?

    Just reply to this topic. Be sure to include a link to the resource and a brief explanation of why you’re sharing it, or how it's useful. Tools, articles, guides - everything is welcome.


    Don’t forget to Kudos!

    Like something that another member has shared? Give em’ some love and Kudos their post.


    Rules of the Road

    Don't post affiliate links and respect full disclosure. It's absolutely fine to share something that you, a friend or family member is working on, but please give everyone the heads up if that's the case.

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    Helper VI

    Here are some of the things I use... I'll add more once I get to my work station

    Basics: (This is where it all started) 


    Getting a bit more advanced: My hang out place when I was still growing up (A place where I try to snag clients) (If you dont have to reinvent the wheel, don't... here are some of those wheels, new wheels are being built every day) (I don't use this as much as I  used to, it helps compress your files...css) (My IDE doesnt always show the errors in my codes and when that happens, this is the site I go)


    Misc: Stuff that I tried that maybe useful to you: (My friens swear that this site is awesome but I never really got arround to figure it out) (lightweight editor for html/css, layout is really nice, sometimes I wish PHPStorm has this)

    ~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @
    Super User I

    I have been using as a great resource for a global view over a large number of WordPress sites. I like that I can scan many sites to see which ones may need updates of a particular plug-in or theme. Once you have a site in the dashboard, you can jump from site to site and be automatically logged into WordPress.

    You can run backups and other tools from their dashboard (of course for sites already on GoDaddy Managed WP you don't need to do that, but unfortunately I do have clients hosted at other providers because they were there before they hired me...).

    You can organize sites by group, which is very helpful, set up notifications, and so on. 


    Super User I

    A couple of useful design tools: -- you can enter some text and it will show you samples in a zillion fonts. Then you can choose uppercase vs. mixed case vs. lower case, change the font sizes, see it in black-text-over-white or white-text-over-black. -- handcrafted color palettes based on photos of all sorts of things (many of food, items found in nature, etc.). If you know one color you want to include, you can then see palettes built around that color. It can be sort of addictive. I like to show it to clients to give them ideas -- and if they don't already have a logo and/or color palette it's a great place to start.