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    Brower issues: stats and editing inaccessible via Firefox--but Chrome okay...

    Firefox does not allow me to view page stats, or access web page editor. Keeps loading, spinning......   Chrome works okay. Have chatted on line with tech support several times; they seem to be able to access my pages via Firefox. So they can't really see what I see, and so can't fix it. I have cleared the cache, etc. but no strategies have worked--for months, now. I don't get why this problem surfaced maybe half a year ago, when before, Firefox worked fine. Any ideas?

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    Hi @J-Say,

    Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox or simply updating it?

    Checking your system log files after trying to use Firefox will probably give clues also.

    Also run anti malware program on your system (just to be sure).


    Without access to your computer either physical, SSH or Remote Desktop (I'm guessing it may be a  client problem), it's impossible to guess. Support can only check the server side of things and if it looks clear from the server end, that just leaves you, your computer, your network, as the client end.


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    Thanks for responding. Appreciate your suggestions.Yes, I have tried reinstalling Firefox. I might try doing that again, since it's been a while, just for "fun." I've run Norton (which I hear isn't that effective....) But, doesn't it seem unlikely that it's a virus if Godaddy website management is absolutely the only thing I've had an issue with? Also, not sure what you mean by "client problem"...?

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    I didn't say your computer was infected with a virus. I only said also run anti virus software. It should be scheduled at regular periods and also at the signs of unusual behaviour. It is not a chore, just a few clicks. 

    Clamav would be a better choice than Norton in my humble opinion, but that's open to discussion. 

    Has Firefox updated recently? Or required an update? Regular updates are very important. 

    At the end of the day, not all browsers are the same. If one does not work, simply use another. 

    Client side in this context means that nobody else is getting problems with Firefox, just you and so the problem must lie at your end. Otherwise everyone else would be getting similar problems of which I am not aware at the present moment and someone would have to have access to your system to figure it out probably. A fresh installation of Firefox may do the trick as it sets everything back to default. Firefox has hundreds of extensions (plugins really) and some do conflict. 


    Did you ever solve this problem?  I am having the same issue with Safari.  It has worked fine until now, but all of a sudden when I try to edit my website it doesn't load.  Strangely it lets me edit my blog.