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    Building appointments for staff availability at two different venues?

    Hi , I'm trying to build my appointments section , I have 3 staff that work between two different venues at varing times so my question is two fold -

    How can I specifiy staff availability to a particular site so they don't get booked to the incorrect site , at present if I show the staff memeber availalbe they could be booked to the incorrect venue

    and secondly I only want to show staff availability 2-3 weeks in advance as my staff work flexibile hours at their discrection , I can only see the rolling week options re staff availablilty.


    Thanks in anticipation ........

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    Community Manager

    Hi @rosiereid78. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! Based on what you want to do overall, it sounds like the online appointments service we offer may not work for you. You may need something more flexible. Man Sad


    There isn't a way to limit how far in advance a service can be scheduled. You might be able to use the "category" function to specify your venues though. If an employee is booked at a service under one category, they can't be booked on another one at the same time. Of course, if you're already using the category feature, that wouldn't be an option for you. You'd also have to manually update your employee hours to match their availability. Hopefully that helps some. 


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    Former Employee

    @rosiereid78 thank you for your feedback. Would like to understand your business and needs more. What kind of businesses do you have? Are the services the same or different at the different venues? If the services are different in the different venues, you can set different locations for the services, and assign the staff to different services, as well as updating different availability of staff. 

    Please keep the suggestions coming.



    GoDaddy product manager

    Pianpian, GoDaddy product manager