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    (Business Pro Website Builder vNext) How can I add my logo?

    I am currently using business pro website builder vNext and would like to add my company's logo next to our company's name on the header (on "site title"), but it seems like the only photo I can add is for the cover photo which is not what I want. Please let me know how this is done. Also is it possible to add a favicon for this website?

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    Hi @ravorg, thanks for posting.

    There is not a separate option to add a logo. Once option you might consider is to edit the image you plan on using for the cover photo to include your logo.

    Currently there is not an option to add a favicon.


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    The omission of the favicon is disappointing. Anyone know if they plan to add this? Otherwise time to move elsewhere...

    Getting Started

    TOP OF THE PAGE - where shows up name of your company like for example here

    - left top corner  - you can add either text or picture - but it is a not very nice - the design 


    Or I add it down - on my page 

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