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    Calendar needed for my web page

    How do I add a calendar to my website?


    I've tried to follow the Go Daddy guide but cannot see the 'Green Plus' button anywhere in website builder? I've set up a Google calendar and have the URL ready to copy it across but no idea what to inside web-builder to share this publically.


    Please help! Almost there on my website and this is the last stumbling block. 🙂

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    I'm a bit unsure on what you are trying to do and what instructions you were following? I am wondering if you are using Website Builder 6 instructions while you are on Website Builder 7? I know that some calendar functions didn't migrate form version 6 to 7. Can you let us know more about what you are trying to accomplish and what instructions you are following?

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    roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head

    Is there a calendar you recommend for Version 7 for a nonprofit that wants to look more professional when listing events?  We want our calendar to list events like bird walks, talks, field trips, and classes, preferably with pictures; we need a true EVENTS CALENDAR and NOT A DAILY PLANNER.  Our goal is something like what is offered by The Events Calendar (like this example -- -- which opens small windows with pictures as you scroll over individual events); however we're told that since The Events Calendar is a WordPress item, it cannot be used with Website Builder.  Whatever you suggest needs to be usable on both large and small screens since we have members who need to look events up as they are driving to them.  It also needs to let us replicate events easily since many of our walks repeat, and it should list events for multiple years since some of our walks are biannual (some calendars like TeamUp erase events as the reach a year old). 


    When you introduced Version 7, we were told that we would eventually have to use it (that Version 6 would at some point go away) and that we should start migrating our site.  We were also told that you were working on a calendar for Version 7 which might meet our needs.  This was MONTHS ago.  I have since been told by your reps that this may not be completely true.  The GoDaddy people I talked to on the phone are unable to suggest anything that will help meet our needs (with the exception of us spending more money over and above what we've already invested in Website Builder so we can switch to WordPress and start over -- do you do anything other than try to sell more stuff?).  Consequently, I grow more and more annoyed with the mix of info and responses I get from your reps and with your complete disinterest in providing a functional calendar solution of any sort.  Though I am obviously jaded by my bad experiences so far, I am reaching out to you in the hopes that doing so will result in a satisfactory solution.  Please help.

    Exactly, Why is there no additional option to just have a simple monthly calendar.  I have used other website builders that provide this option for free (WIX) and if I can't get a simple calendar GODADDY won't work for me.  Pretty lame if that's the case. 

    Hi all. I've just stumbled across this link because I too am new to godaddy and, after carefully curating a new website for my holiday cottage (, I've just come to the horrible conclusion that I can't upload a URL to my availability calendar (crucial for a holiday cottage!). Just wondered if any solutions were found, or if I need to undo all my hard work and find a new provider?! Fairly terrible if so... 😞