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    Calendar not displaying correctly on mobile

    Hi guys, I wonder if anyone is having the issue that I have with the calendar not displaying correctly on a mobile site?


    I have linked my google calendar and it works great on the desktop site but when I preview and publish it, it all goes wrong. The st, nd, rd and th (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th) are incorrectly placed.


    go daddy.PNGAny help would b much appreciated.


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    Helper IV

    Give me the URL of your site.

    @DJANDYAPP, Are you using wordpress?

    If so, which plugin are you using for calender function?

    @MithunRaj wrote:

    @DJANDYAPP, Are you using wordpress?

    If so, which plugin are you using for calender function?

    I am using the in built web builder, so no wordpress

    does anyone know to get the dates and times to display correctly when I load my calendar into the website.

    @jahjr @DJANDYAPP @drajpickering Sorry this is still happening! Have you tried to republish to see if that corrects it? We are looking into this again.

    Hi Christine, 


    I have just republished and it is still wrong, my full site (PC) is also wrong now.


    This is coming up for renewal next month so I will change providers as this seems a simple problem to solve!


    I will put in a ticket but won't hold my breath!



    @DJANDYAPP Thanks for trying that.  We are still investigating. When we use the calendar link on our test sites, it displays properly so we are checking what else might be causing this.

    Hi @ChristineL,
    Any update on this? I have two sites and both are the same.

    hi @Paranoid We were able to resolve this for the other sites, but not sure why it's still happening for you. Could you please give me your site URLs? 

    I am also having this problem. When I am in preview mode it says 

    Calendar synced! But no event found in current calendar. 

    When I go to preview it, it says 

    No upcoming events.

    The calendar is also embedded on the same page, and is showing properly there. 


    It is happening on computer and mobile.

    I am having this problem as well.  It displays on a desk or laptop, but our customers cannot see our calendar via a mobile device.  Very frustrating!  Is there a fix yet?

    I'm having the same problem for a year now. It's pretty simple stuff to fix - what's taking so long?

    I agree!  It is really frustrating to customers who are trying to find our food truck and they cannot access the calendar via their mobile device.  😡 I wish someone could point us in the correct direction.

    Hi - we will need more information to debug, as we fixed the original bug that came in.  Can you send me your site url?

    Hello @ChristineL,

    Our url is:


    Thank you for working on this.  We have frustrated customers!




    Hi @islandkitchen1 thanks for the info. You're linking from your call to action button. The "fix" depends what you want your customers to do:  1) see your schedule or 2) add events to their own calendar.  I think you are interested in option 1, to show your customers your schedule. In that case, we recommend that you make it link to a page on your site where the calendar is displayed. Here is a site example:  Can you please confirm if that is what you were trying to do?


    It is linked. The problem is that customers cannot access the calendar via a mobile device. As most use this method on the go and want to find our food truck, it is really frustrating for them, and we then lose potential customers.

    Thank you,


    I would love to see what advice I can offer but I am not seeing a calendar. I found your upcoming schedule with different events coming up. With each event, I see link to click saying event details, but the link didn't do anything. Is this part of the issue? Otherwise where is your calendar that isn't displaying or working correctly on mobile?

    Best Regards,
    Sarah Mullin
    Online Development & Growth Consultant
    Creative Solutions Together

    It is a google calendar linked to the schedule button.

    Thank you