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    Can only use one PHP Version


    I can only use 1 version of PHP - "5.4 (Native)".  Whenever I switch to any other version (even the "5.4" option without the "Native" suffix, my site does not work.  I have copied  the site to another hosting service and PHP 7.0 worked on their server, but n ot on GoDaddy.


    So I guess I have a few questions:

    1) What does the "Native" designation mean?

    2) Why is only 1 PHP version available in "Native"?

    3) Why would "5.4 (Native)" work, but not just plain "5.4"?


    It's a Linux server.  I would think all the PHP versions would be "Native".


    PS - I'm not using Website Builder and I don;t know why I need a "Label" to post this.  It's just LAMP.




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    Helper VI

    Hi @spujia, welcome to the community! 🙂

    Interesting questions you have.

    Let me address them as (good or bad) I can.


    1. The "Native" designation, is a name cpanel gives to whatever version has been installed via WHM using easyapache. Here you can see in the cpanel forums.


    2. Well, according to 1., there's one version by default, so that version is the "native" one.


    3. The version "5.4 Native" and plain 5.4, are the same PHP version. However, you can via "Select PHP version" add or remove modules to your PHP config. So maybe you have to add some modules to make it work as the native version.


    So basically, the "Native" word is just cpanel slang.


    Regarding the 7.0 version that doesn't work here, but does in other server, maybe the other server has modules active that you didn't enable here.


    Hope it helps!


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    Thanks for the reply jpablo.


    So, I don't think we ever installed anything.  What is WHM, and why aren't they all installed with it, and as opposed to what?


    Lastly, is it ok just to check every module available?  For the "Native" version, it does not let me see which modules I am currently using, so how would I know which ones to check for the new version I select?



    Hi @spujia,

    WHM is the software that allows the creation of cpanel accounts. You don't have access to it in a shared hosting plan. GoDaddy uses it to create the server and accounts config.


    Regarding what modules are active on the native version, I think you can check it from your "Select PHP Version" feature in cpanel.

    If that doesn't show, you can do a phpinfo file and check the active modules from there.


    Hope it helps!


    If you find my replies helpful, give me a like or kudo 🙂
    And if I solved your issue, mark it as solution 😄

    Thanks.  So how would I get them to install the rest of the versions with WHM?  I guess I don't understand why they would be different.