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    Changing company address on footer of emails

    I want to know how to change the company address at the footer of a marketing email. Does anyone know how to do it?





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    Hi @BrightonCuffy,

    i feel it in my bones that this is a can of worms but......

    it depends on your email client but this sounds like your email signature and you should look into tools / settings for a way to edit this. 

    I don't know all email clients, hence 'can of worms 🐛 '. 

    If you could give more details then maybe someone else has solved this in the past for that particular client. 

    Hey Rammsteinium, many thanks for your suggestion. I can't find the settings option! I am specifically referring to Go Daddy's email marketing templates. So I'm setting up a mail out and when I preview it at the bottom it has a copyright notice I added on set up and then an address - which needs to change. I'm wondering if Go Daddy auromatically purpose this field based on how you first set up? I can't find anything like you'd see in Gmail or Outlook as it is not that sort of thing. Cheers, David