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    Changing footer width, overriding style on standard website builder

    Is there supposed to be a footer width option on the standard web site builder?  If not, has anyone ever successfully overriden the inline style by injecting an !important?  I'm trying to make this page 500px but it's hard-coded in the template to 1200 and doesn't allow me to override it or change it with page width settings:



    So... tried injecting various overrides to no avail?

    .wsb-canvas-page-footer footer

    width:500px; !important;


    div[wsb-canvas-page-footer] {
    width:500px; !important;


    Anyone give any advice on how to override this hard coded 1200?

    The offending line is:

    <div id="wsb-canvas-template-footer" class="wsb-canvas-page-footer footer" style="margin: auto; min-height:100px; height: 189px; width: 1200px; position: relative;">


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    I see some errors in the syntax.


    #wsb-canvas-template-footer, #wsb-canvas-template-footer-container { width: 500px !important; }

    This would just be for the footer box, much more would need to be done to make the page 500px wide.

    I seem to have control over everything else via the page width settings... footer containers seem to be the only thing hard-coded.  Having said that, thank you for the correction but it doesn't seem to be working for some reason.... trying to add it in site-wide <head>:


    #wsb-canvas-template-footer, #wsb-canvas-template-footer-container { width: 500px !important; }


    Is there any way to edit the HTML directly in the template by chance to "fix" the inline style?

    I am not seeing the code provided on the website, but it works when testing.


    Here is an updated version to contain the content, but I am not sure how you're positioning it.


    #wsb-canvas-template-footer, #wsb-canvas-template-footer-container { width: 500px !important; height: auto !important; }
    #wsb-canvas-template-footer-container div { position: static !important; margin:0 auto; }

    Thanks so much Nate but how you are making this work?  When I try adding it to site-wide code it literally does nothing - as you can see the footer remains at 1200px:



    This is the code I am seeing on the live website...


    <style> div["wsb-canvas-page-footer footer"] { width:500px; !important; } div["wsb-canvas-page-footer"] { width:500px; !important; } </style>


    ...if I take that out and replace it with the code provided the footer reduces to 500px.


    I can not see your image at the time of this post, hopefully it makes it thru moderation soon.

    Also trying to replace it with javascript to no avail by inserting custom HTML:

    var el = document.getElementById('wsb-canvas-template-footer'); = "500px";

    alert isn't displaying so I have to assume goDaddy doesn't allow javascript?


    Where did you add...

    <style> div["wsb-canvas-page-footer footer"] { width:500px; !important; } div["wsb-canvas-page-footer"] { width:500px; !important; } </style>




    What happens if you replace it with...

    #wsb-canvas-template-footer, #wsb-canvas-template-footer-container { width: 500px !important; height: auto !important; } #wsb-canvas-template-footer-container div { position: static !important; margin:0 auto; }


    Hi there - I have a similar problem where I am trying to edit the height of the Header image on the new website builder, but I am not able to find any way to edit the HTML itself. Could you let me know how you're able to edit the HTML of any section? Whether the edit works would be a later problem 🙂 but I cant even seem to find an option to edit.

    This thread is in regard to a previous website builder, you wouldn't be able to edit the html or css of a theme in GoCentral.