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    Changing stores

    I’m enjoying the Go Central Online Store. I have only one complaint. All product links on my blog (www.smithfamilyresources.wordpress.com) are now invalid, and my potential customers are reaching a page with a “File not found (404 error).” For example, the link to Super Dad vitamins in the old store was smithfamilyresources.com/products/superdad. The new link is smithfamilyresources.com/shop?olsPage=products/superdad. I have started going through the blog, adding shop?olsPage= to all the hyperlinks, but this is a time-consuming job that I won’t be able to finish right away.

    That’s not to mention Facebook posts, Pinterest pins, and emails that have included the old links.

    Can GoDaddy do something to redirect all smithfamilyresources.com links to the home page of the new store?
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    Unfortunately, GoCentral files are not accessible to make that type of redirect and one of the limitations of being on a web builder platform. 


    Once thing you can do to speed things along on your WordPress.com site is to check out a plugin called Better Search Replace.  You can replace any links you have on that site to your new store's homepage throughout your WordPress.com site.  This plugin allows you do to mass search and replace for the same URL.


    So you could do a search for smithfamilyresources.com/products/ and then have that be replaced by: https://smithfamilyresources.com/shop?olsPage=products.   If you know you've linked to a specific product a lot, you could do the same.


    At least that would alleviate doing a one-by-one update.


    HTH! 😉


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