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    Content layout malfunction adds caption instead of alt img

    I've identified an issue with one of the content layout options. The one that has copy on the left and a rectangle image on the right. When I tried to add alt img text to the photo, it put it in as a caption instead of the alt img tag. Since I didn't want a caption, I had to remove it so the photo now has no alt img tag.

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    Community Manager

    Hey @Hopeful,

    Thanks for letting us know! I'm reporting it to our product team to take action on. Take care!


    RachelM - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

    @RachelM  Thanks, Rachel!

    @RachelM  This problem is back. It's happening on various templates so its a global setting. The SEO/alt image info is showing as a caption instead of being hidden. The issue started again on 1/15/19. Thanks.

    Community Manager

    Hi @Hopeful

    Are you still seeing this issue today? Please let me know. Thanks!


    RachelM - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

    @RachelM It is still showing in the edit window. I can't republish because the developers removed one of the layout options that my whole website is based on--the photo on the left and the copy on the right (whole different issue). But based on it being still active in the edit window, I'm assuming it would publish that way also.

    @RachelM same issue. Multiple reports to "support" and here on the community - for pity's sake - roll those template changes back!!
    Community Manager

    Hi @Hopeful & @IR,

    The team is looking into this. Thanks for flagging! Feel free to PM me in the future if you run into issues like this. Thanks!


    RachelM - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

    Hello @IR @Hopeful Ok we figured out what happened. When you go to add a Content section, there are multiple layouts. If you count from the top, the issue came up for Content Layouts 1 and 6.  Layout 6 has the image on the right and text on the left.  We've had legacy behavior in Layout 6 where if you enter text into "Describe this image" the alt text gets displayed as a caption.  What you encountered is that we recently had a customer report a bug where they *wanted* Layout 1 to work the same was as Layout 6.  The developer made the fix, but as you point out we should not be showing alt text as a caption in either location. On top of that, the change ended up switching the image in Layout 1 to be on the right vs. left, which just added to the confusion.  At this point in production, you should see Layout 1 working "normally" with the picture on the left, and alt text will NOT show up as a caption.  We've left Layout 6 as is for now, since it's always been showing the alt text as a caption - if we make a change now, it will affect customer sites.  Going forward we are working on a way to support users who want to caption their image vs. trying to do that via the field that is supposed to be for alt text (that should not be displayed). We are reviewing our process to prevent this from happening again. Christine

    I have checked and, for me, I can confirm that we are back to where we were before. Thank you. @ChristineL @RachelM You might like to tell your support folks that defaulting to 'the customer is always right', instead of being some blithering idiot, can help to diffuse the tension of having your product broken by your provider. Also, I'm not sure how faults are reported internally, but support also denied a) any responsibility b) any fault reports in the system - even after I had, in fact, made them.

    Still, you've fixed it now, and lessons learned I guess.

    @ChristineL @RachelM @IR I'm so glad this is being addressed. Thank you for the explanation. I just tested it, however, and although Layout 1 has been restored to its original design, in Edit mode it wipes out my copy and replaces it with your dummy copy instead of just changing the format of it. So it's still not functioning properly...

    Getting Started

    I had this issue and had to correct each of the pictures effected. Thanks for fixing this Team. Appreciated. 

    @tomwkillJust to clarify, Tom, it is improved but not fixed. Our content should not be altered when we change layouts. So, while I'm thrilled that Layout 1 is back, it still needs to have that issue fixed.

    Obviously I spoke too soon @Hopeful. Sorry.

    @IR @Hopeful We will look into this today. Apologies for the delay. For immediate help please call our Support center - if the first contact is unable to advise, there are additional resources who can advise.  Thanks! Christine

    One person's 'immediate' is another's endless wait. 30 minutes to respond, 20 minutes not listening while re-explaining is needed all over again, 20 minutes operative denying any issue/denying GoDaddy responsibility/patronising, 20 minutes waiting for a supervisor... who then also denies 'any issue in the system'. Funnily enough, I also need to work and earn my crust, and my time is a valuable as yours!  I do wonder if GoDaddy staff have to use GoDaddy support wait lines and therefore can talk from end-user experience? Perhaps not. As for 'additional resources who can advise'... perhaps if you are US Scottsville office based.

    @IR @ChristineL @RachelM  IR - you are so correct. When you can't republish your site with changes you need because something else has been messed up, the waiting seems interminable. I also have to go back to the point I've made in other threads, which is, who is proofreading/testing the changes before they are put out?!!


    That being said, ChristineL is on our side and one of the few who has gotten results when I've notified GD for the more important issues. But I need to let her know, as you have, that 9 times out of 10 I call customer support BEFORE posting about the issue and usually have the same results you do. That is why I've resorted to posting here, in hopes that other staff will see it and address it. Telling us to contact support is not helpful to US most of the time. Perhaps it helps her some way I'm not aware of, such as creating a trouble report that then allows the developers to act on complaints or something of that nature. But as far as getting anything immediately resolved, it doesn't happen.

    @Hopeful @IR I am sorry to hear that your Support experience has been so frustrating. I've raised this to our channel manager for visibility. The Support team is really meant as our front line support who normally can resolve the issue or escalate to specialists.  It does help the product / development team because we review any tickets regularly, and often the specialists include details that make it faster for us to debug. 


    Anyway, regarding this issue. Content layout 1 and 6 look very similar but they do not share content. This is working as it always has, which means that content is shared if you pick layouts 1-3 or 4-7. However If you have the content in layout1, you would have to re-enter it for layout 6. It sounds like you have the content to copy over, but if not, you can go to the last saved version of your site and grab the content there.  This is found in Site Settings, Site History, to restore in the Editor view.  


    We are reviewing our starter states for improvement, so I have made note of this issue. For now it requires you to copy paste unfortunately.

    @ChristineL @IR @tomwkill @RachelM  Christine, thanks for your response. Since layouts 1 and 6 are often used together, often by alternating them, yes it would be ideal to have them configured the same. Both with no caption, but a caption could be added if desired. Both with alt img tag options. And both so that the copy is retained when changing layouts. Ideally, it would just be Layout 1 (no 6) with a left, right layout choice the way other many other layouts work.


    I would love to be able to have cust. svc. resolve these things while we are on the phone but given that it will required software changes is that realistic? Are there specialists that can do that?


    What are starter states?