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    Continue with Free Trial Website Builder or upgrade to other platform. What to do?

    Hello Everyone,


    this is my first post to the GoDaddy community. So, nice to meet you all 🙂


    I have been working on my online store for over 4 months now. Using the free trial website builder. Paying a monthly fee. However, i do wonder if i should upgrade to another platform. Wordpress or GoCentral. 


    I've been reading a lot of horror stories about GoCentral. I would have to build my entire website again for example. I would also, like to know why customers are struggling to few my page. Is this due to my package or something on web browsers? i know it's a double question but looking forward to any replies.


    Best regards,



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    Welcome, David! Lots of great folks and info here.  As your website journey continues just use the search feature and you'll find a wealth of info posted here to help you out!


    Why are you thinking you need to upgrade?  That would help me to help you.  Does your store meet all your needs?  Or do you find that you need certain features and functionality?


    GoCentral is great for folks who need simple sites and are getting their feet wet in running a website.  But just like anything to do with online business, if things start cranking you can find that you are outgrowing the platform.


    You noted that customers are struggling to view your page -- what is happening?  If you post your URL I can take a peak and share my experience.


    HTH!  😉


    "Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin