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    Getting Started

    Creating e-mail links and links to files

    It seems that the only link I can create is to a URL. Is there a way to create an e-mail link and a link to uploaded files? Thanks

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    Helper II


    You can create link to email address. Where is says to enter "URL", just type in you email address. It might give you an error, that "It isn't a web address", but when you look at it, it will have "something like this"

    Highlight and click on the "insert link" at the top and you'll see this ..

    You didn't answer the question about linking to files though. Is that possible to do and if so, how do you do it? I have some pdf files I need to have linked to certain things. How do I do that?


    I haven't done that, so don't have all the answers ... thus we have experts, who can answer those questions ... maybe!

    I'd say, you have to upload the files to the site builder. Then once they have a URL, you can link to them in the same manner.

    If the pdf file is going to be shared via multiple links sources, upload a file to your hosting and record the link.  Whether you are using the site builder or a hosting package your GoDaddy dashboard panel does provide very basic file transfer functionality.


    If you do not want the file to be open to download directly, you may need to password the file or directory.  I do a lot of file sharing and have found DropBox to be very useful. (There are a number of good cloud-based storage options.)  Upload it once, share it is needed, and link to it from both email and a web site.


    Hope this helps,


    Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

    If I click the "double links" to add the link and the "box" with the url fill line -- does NOT come up... what could be wrong???  Any suggestions?  Wrong Java.. not working with my system??  Running out of ideas here.  Help??  The guy on the help line does not have any suggestions.


    I'm new to Website Builder, and I cant figure out how to add an email button that actually works to my website.  Adding it the way it is suggested, it just takes me to a blank page at

    Anyone have any suggestions?  Thanks.

    To create a links you want use the following.

    For Email <a title="Email Link" href=""></a><br>
    For File <a title="File Link" href="">Link to the File You Requested</a>


    You can also go to to see a sample of both kinds of links. The File link will download a text file with information on creating both links if coding in HTML. if using Website Builder then for the URL insert what is listed for href=


    so for Email use and for file link use

    then you will need to upload the file to the root of your website(same location as index.html file) you can also store the files in a folder and when creating links you will need to insert the folder in url lile this 

    You will need to replace domain with your domain name and folderyoucreated with the name of the folder(Case Sensitive) then the file name including the Extension.



    Thank you...but I can't get it to work in Website Builder either.  I have an email button I want clients to be able to click on and email me, but do I have to make it go to a form page in Website Builder?  Because if I use the, it just takes me to a blank webpage....