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    Customize button in the event management tool...

    The button always says "BOOK APPOINTMENT". I'm doing training events and would prefer something like "Purchase Ticket" or "Attend Event"... I don't see a way to customize that.

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    Hey @FuzzyDragon


    Right now, that isn't possible with the booking sections of GoCentral. However, I'll pass that along to our developers to consider for future updates they have planned. 


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    @FuzzyDragon thank you for the feedback. We will look into how to address your need. Do you mind sharing the link to your website? Please keep the suggestions coming.



    GoDaddy product manager

    Pianpian, GoDaddy product manager

    The website was one I was assisting with. The site is at We abandoned the event management tool as it didn't quite work for the things they needed to do. Here are some of the requirements they had that were deal breakers:


    1. Different pricing for adults vs children for the same event.

    2. Ability to purchase several tickets to an event at the same time.

    3. Customize the information captured about the attendee (add fields like "how did you learn about this event".

    4. Special pricing for members of the organization.


    Unfortunately we had to cobble together several different things to get this one piece of functionality working. The result was quite disjointed and terrible. Their events are done now, but they will have events in the near future that I will probably have to help with again.