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    Deposit for Local Pickup

    I am looking to build a site that has local pickup options only.  Customers need to see the full price of the items and a total for the purchase but only put down a deposit of 50%.  Upon pickup customers would pay the remaining 50%.  Is this possible to do?  I know local pickup is fine but not sure how to do deposits other than for events.  I cannot just complete the full purchase online due to local legal restrictions of having to purchase these items in-person.  Thanks!

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    Hi @caseload ,

    This is a interesting concept.  Thanks for posting it, and welcome to the Conmunity too! I know Wordpress has the local pickup option in woocommerce,  and it looks like there is now the option you are looking for with Wordpress and Woocommerce here.  What do you sell online? 

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