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    Does GoDaddy have any plans to enable notifications when I have new subscribers?

    Does GoDaddy have any plans to enable notifications when I have new subscribers? Currently I have to log in daily and check for new subscribers and then manually cut and paste them into my email list. It's time consuming to say the least, and it's very difficult to reply to new subscribers in a timely manner because of this. At a minimum, you could at least give us the option to export the list instead of cutting and pasting.

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    Where do you go to see new subscribers? I can’t seem to find it and I too would loved to be notified. Especially because it does forward an email from my email to the consumer and I have no idea where to find that subscriber myself

    It's not at all obvious. You have to go to My Account. Then under Websites + Marketing click the "Manage" button. Then under "Marketing" in the top menu bar, go to "Subscribers." Depending on your plan, you might have to go under "Connections" in the Marketing Menu, and you might see your Subscribers link in there.

    Thanks for reaching out about this, @AndreaPrice !


    Godaddy does not currently have any plans in place to notify users when they receive new subscribers, but I think it's a great idea!  Can you help me to understand how you would use this feature?  Would the goal be to check in with GoDaddy from time to time to see how your list is growing and changing? Or would you want to know via email or SMS notification each time any new subscriber was added to your list?  Maybe it would help if there was an option to automatically greet new subscribers (e.g. send them an email thanking them for joining the list, etc.)?  Let me know your thoughts and I'll make sure that gets added to our list!




    Thanks for asking @exj!


    I want an email every time I have a new subscriber. This used to be a feature on GoDaddy. In the past I received an email every time I had a new subscriber, just like I currently get an email when I have a form submission. This was great because I could follow up in a timely manner--almost instantly--with a welcome email and add the subscriber to my house list. Ideally, I'd like this feature back. 


    I don't manage my contact list in the GoDaddy system, so I need to know that I have a new subscriber to be able to do anything with it. If that's not possible, I would at least want the ability to automatically send a welcome message. If that's the route you go, then I would also want the ability to export all my contacts at once (with an Excel or CSV file), so they can be added as a group to my house list.

    Thanks for the details here, @AndreaPrice!


    That totally makes sense.  Just for your awareness, we very recently did roll out a "list management" feature in GoDaddy Connections, so it might suit more of your needs than it previously did.  That said, if you need to manage your contacts outside of GoDaddy, I can see how notifications and other features you've mentioned would be important.  We're currently hoping to complete work on an "export" feature by the end of the year, or early in 2020.  I'll also add your request for notifications to our feature list, but I'll have to dig in deeper to understand how much work is involved there, and when we might be able to get to that.  Thanks again for taking the time to provide this very helpful feedback!  If you have any other thoughts or input, we always love to hear it!