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    Drag and Drop Sections

    In the category/items area of "Menu/Price List" sections, 64 items are allowed, and I am planning for 52.  Each time I create a new menu item, it is added to the bottom, but I want it at the top.  This requires dragging one screen scroll at a time.  In other applications, I am able to drag an item to the top of a screen and then while still selecting the item, the list scrolls to the top, where I release it.  Could that ability be added to this area?

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    Hi @kidbiz. Thank you for the feedback. I can imagine how frustrating it is to drag and drop, then scroll, and drag again just to get a new menu item to the top of the list. I spoke to our engineering team and we have a potential improvement that will make it easier to quickly move a menu item to the top of the list. I don't have an ETA at this time but rest assured that this has been documented by the product team for consideration.


    One workaround, which you have likely considered, is to enter the 52 known menu items in reverse order so that they get added in the order you want.


    Thanks again for taking the time to post this suggestion. We value your feedback as we constantly strive to improve GoCentral for you.


    @RachelB, Thank you for submitting the request.  The workaround won't work because the existing order is correct.  New items just get added to the top.