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    Drop down menus and calculator


    I'm starting my own online business which interlinks with a computer game.

    I need a drop down menu which lists numbers from 1-119 for one category and then another drop down menu for the same category and with numbers from 2-120. Then from these two drop down menus i need it to calculate a price given on the two numbers the customer has chosen. Or if easier for the 2 numbers chosen to be sent to my email and then i can give a quote, but for that to happen i would need them to type their email in. Would prefer the first method. Guide would be great for this.

    Thanks for your guys time


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    Hi @Ojjer, thanks for posting.

    How were you building your site and what services/plan were you using?
    If you can follow up with some more details, a member of the Community might be able to help out.


    Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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