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    E-Commerce Check Out: Request for a "Referred By" Section

    I am wanting to add contests and a referral program as part of marketing my business. I am trying to capture data of where my customers are sourcing from: Facebook, Internet, Word of Mouth, Friend, etc. Is there a way when a new customer is set up during check out using the Go Central e-commerce platform to have an optional drop down field titled: "Referred By"? I am unsure if this is available on Go Central or if I need to look into Square or PayPal to see if they offer this service. This is highly important data that I'm looking to collect to reward referral sources.


    This is something similar to the add on customization feature that is in the Add Products section. One can make this optional as a preselected drop down or type a text. I don't want to use this section as a referral source as most may not expect to see this in the product section. They would expect this in the shopping cart at check out.

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