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    Email a payable invoice to customer??

    I just launched a GoDaddy eCommerce store and cannot find a way to email a payable invoice to a customer that requested a special order.


    I need to email a customer an invoice containing products from my shop so they can create an account and pay for it.


    Almost every other eCommerce platform I've used had a way to do this.  Even PayPal does it.  What am I missing?  I also notice that customers cannot register an account...?

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    Product Team



    Thanks for reaching out.  I am trying to understand little bit more on your situation.  Are you looking for way to share the estimate, before the customer places special order?  How was the order placed on online store?

    W+M online store still does haven't the support for Invoicing and this is something we have considered in the past. But, the demand of this feature has waned over time. We could consider this again, thanks to additional input from customers like you.


    With regards to customer registering for an account, we do have the support for the feature.  Just make sure to go to turn this on at Settings > Membership, after you login to your GoDaddy account.   

    Cutomer account _ on.png

    Let me know if you have any question/suggestion,



    Mohan Kumaresh

    Product Manager, GoDaddy Online stores


    Hi @ProdMgr_OLS,


    I need to be able to email a payable invoice to customers.

    Some customers call by phone or email me with a specific order.  I need to set up an order and invoice by email it to them so they can pay through the store.

    Other stores call these 'phone orders'.  where I set up an order with their account and they can log in and pay it.


    As far as the customer accounts go, I have the feature turned on but I made a test account and I can log-in, however, every time I click on any links I am taken to the log-in page again.

    I am having the same issue. I am thinking of moving my store to Shopify if this is not corrected soon. I spend so much time creating invoices in Paypal and then having to go into my store and remove inventory.