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    Event Calender is not showing on public view

    I have followed the instructions several times, the google calendar is not showing on public view, and I have set the settings on it in google to public.  When I enter the Ical address it says there is an error with it.   I can see it in the edit mode, but its not showing up in the public view of the page.

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    Hey @SpayCC,


    Did you also make sure to share the calendar as we outline in our help article here? It may also help to see the publish site where you're having trouble displaying the calendar so other members of the community can review and offer suggestions.


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    I have followed those instructions to a T, several times, I can see it the calendar events in the edit view, but it is NOT showing up in the public view of the page.



    I have the settings for this calendar set to public in the google account.

    When I enter the Ical addy in edit mode it says error with the address.