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    Everything Goes to Spam Filters

    Well, heres another feature I will not be renewing.  Of the emails I sent on my first campaign only 14% were opened.  I discovered the reason is that most if not all of the emails went into people's spam filters.  Just great.  I don't see that happening with other services, why does yours do that?


    If I stay with Godaddy, no one will ever see my email campaigns.  


    Just another Godaddy sham

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    HI @allan35


    Thank you for your post and sorry to hear bout the issues you are having with the marketing campaigns. We have some help articles that address this matter and I hope that you might find some useful information in them to help reduce the amount of email being marked as spam. 


    Avoiding email inbox spam filters


    Suppression reason explained: Marked as spam


    Avoiding email newsletter abuse complaints


    Hope this helps!





    Thanks but I have had nothing but trouble with most of Godaddy's features and am looking elsewhere for better products.

    You're welcome @allan35


    Best wishes, hope you find a platform that will work better for your business needs. I do still encourage giving the articles a look through as they have some important information about email marketing that you can apply with any company's services you may use in the future. 


    Kindest Regards,