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    Fed Ex Shipping Options for Shopping Cart

    I am using the Go Central templates when creating my website shopping cart. I see that USPS and UPS shipping options are already available to easily integrate into options for my customers to use. I would like to have Fed Ex as a shipping option for my customers and do not want to do a flat rate. Can Fed Ex shipping model be integrated like USPS and UPS? If so, how do I accomplish this?

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    FedEx integration is not available at this time -- only USPS and UPS.


    Bookmark this page for new features announcements.  😉



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    Getting Started

    PLEASE!! seriously consider adding FedEx as a shipping option to the GoCentral builder!!!!! Most of our international customers prefer FedEx over USPS and UPS. We used it when we had the Quick Shopping Cart, and still do when taking orders outside of the GoCentral website. We have found FedEx to be infinitely more reliable when shipping international. Is it really that hard or does GoDaddy need something from FedEx to be able to integrate or add code?



    Thanks for sharing your concern. We are definitely looking at supporting FedEX as shipping carrier on our platform and is on the product roadmap for this year. I don't have definitive timeline to share with you right now, but please stay tuned for updates on this.



    Hope this helps,

    Mohan Kumaresh, 

    Product Manager, GoCentrl Online Stores

    Thank you, that is great news! We'll be on the lookout.

    One more thing... is there one place to go where updates are posted? If so, please share url.


    Thanks again,


    Community Manager

    Hi @pabloz,

    If you click on the GoCentral/Website Builder forum, you'll see a post at the top of the forum with a monthly update feature post from the GoCentral team. They're constantly adding new features and enhancing other features. Take care!


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    Its really sad that Go Daddys online premium store doesnt integrate with FedEx shipping.